A Message from the Village President

Alex Demos

Alex Demos


Thank you again for your support in the Town Meeting and general elections!


It is evident that lot of people care deeply for our village as I do. Thank you for your votes, your congratulations, your kind messages and words of encouragement. It is truly appreciated.


Although we certainly have challenges in front of us,  I am optimistic about Glen Ellyn's future. Working together, with my fellow current and newly elected Village Trustees, our talented village staff and our village full of volunteers, I am confident that we can keep Glen Ellyn as one of the greatest communities to live in.



April 9, 2013 Election - Final Results


Elected Village President 


Alex Demos


Elected Village Trustees


Tim Elliott


Dean Clark


Tim O'Shea


Elected Village Clerk


Catherine Galvin


Elected Library Trustees

Kelli Christiansen

Gina Meyers


Ran Sailor


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